Observation and reasoning

The main question is “what’s the problem” or “what’s the question” and “what is it that you want to solve”. To deal with these questions it is eminent that I ask the sometimes annoying questions before we start focusing on solutions.

When we are dealing with computer systems that support a business process I will ask the question:

  • Are you doing things because the computer demands it or
  • is the process really this complex that the current tooling does not achieve the proper support

When we are talking about a new web site I will ask questions like: What are you trying to achieve and is a web site the solution or part of a solution or.. do we have to focus on other means. What is the message and who is the audience?

Set foundations and shape the solution.

It’s all about setting boundaries and design space. What is the jungle of regulations that we have to deal with and what are the open spaces.

Together we will be looking to the design space. One major fundamental in that behalf is budget. Based upon these fundamentals I will present a pencil design of a fitting solution. This draft is a next step in getting to a solid plan and mile stones. The goals will be defined and  together we have made a giant step.

This phase will end with the presentation of an operations plan or project brief, describing a clear business case and a financial quote.

Step by step to a viable goal

In this phase I hand over the plan to an project manager or producer with a team of professionals. I gave you my best effort to get shape the best team possible and together with you, we will safeguard the execution of the plan.

This is not saying that I abandon you. My focus is on the creative part of the project. As an administrator or project manager I’m probably the worst that you can find. It’s not in my nature to do formal tasks like managing tasks, watching budget and ask when team members expect to be ready. For that purpose you need project managers. Maybe you are one yourself and if we need to find one, I know plenty people that are excellent project managers

The mirror

Did we do the right thing? Are the goals, that we defined earlier, met or do we have to turn another knob. If you had to decide again, based on what you know now, would you choose for this solution or do we have to adjust?

Over the past few months you have been using the solution that we created and now it’s time for a proper evaluation. What went right and what went wrong? People tend to forget evaluation and lessons learned because of euphoria or shame. Some time ago we defined success criteria. Are we successful?