I see a lot of people that are struggling with complexity but Wim plays with it.

Complexity, The man that said this is no longer among us but it's the greatest compliment that I ever received.

My daytime job

When at work I’m a lucky guy. I do challenging work. My job is more than OK and it defines me. In my spare time I’m a real amateur; doing the things I love to do but you cannot hide your personality and talent in the way you perform. During day hours I’m a consultant at Atos.

Why Baked Air Solutions

First of all I think that the domain ‘bakedairsolutions.com’ is a great name, it has the right attitude, it sounds great with an international orientation. When you bring the words back to an acronym you get BAS. When I came up with this name I was working in a department with the title Business Application Services. Of course we all came up with various varieties on the three characters, mine was Baked Air Solutions; a, tongue in cheek kind of, explanation.

In my line of business I sense a lot of hot air; or aire brûlé as the French call it.

A dominant role in the background

Bas also describes a strong aspect of my personality. As a musician I’m a Bass players (Bass is English version of Bas which has the same meaning in Dutch). That role defines me quite strongly. Dominant in the background, bridging rhythm/ dynamics and harmony; completely in support of execution and team achievements. I don’t lead as a formal manager or conductor, I lead from my instincts and experience. I provide a structure in which team members thrive and excel.

My professional track record

I use LinkedIn as the default place for my resume. There is also an Atos CV but that is used for Atos assignments.

Born in 1960 I think that I will have LinkedIn updated until 2027. That is the expected year of retirement but I’m pretty sure that my pension is not the end of my professional life.

My CV in English can be downloaded with this link.

Enterprise Content Management

I am a highly experienced information management (IM) or Enterprise Content Management (ECM) consultant, process designer and information systems. My creative qualities and my pioneering nature make me the ideal candidate in the field between stakeholders, users, IT landscape architects, developers and project members. I know how to optimize the capacities of the technically oriented employees.

As a senior consultant, both in age and experience, I see it as my job to inspire and share experience with my team.
In a starting project and in designing plans I am the person who gets things moving. Operation plans, project letters, business cases and process design are my specialty. Optimization, simplification, standardization, sustainability and convergence are the concepts that drive me.

In the past 25 years, I have gained a lot of experience on the regulatory level (industrial standards, laws and regulations, policy or technical aspects) and process design. I have worked in various environments and disciplines, often with a backlog of material knowledge, but it seems to be a pattern that I am complimented with the speed with which I am familiar with sector specific matters.

I am a fast and flexible thinker. I use my job description as a guide and not as a straitjacket. A mentor once described me as follows: “I see many people struggling with complexity but Wim plays Judo with it”.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM),

Within the trade of Information Management (IM), ECM is the field of unstructured data (aligning the field of structured data and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems). ECM has a focus on office automation. The main topics are:

My customers are mostly Microsoft SharePoint oriented. I have over 20 years of experience in ECM and some 9 years in Office 365 and SharePoint.

I am not a technician, but with 10 years of “hands on” experience with Office 365 and SharePoint, I know how to handle the different technical aspects of the profession.

Complex Office 365 / SharePoint related migrations are my specialty. In particular organizing the process, the design of the automated support, the staffing and the conversion to a commercial product. From the starting point of migration all complexity and my ingenuity come together.

Passion and profession combined

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Musician by passion, bass player; identifying me in a dominant role in the background. Combine this with my job in the start up business: Sound Trip Tribe

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