Narcislaan 24, 5551AR, Valkenswaard, The Netherlands
Me and my business
Baked Air Solutions is the freelance business of Wim Mulders. I like to tell you who I am, and what experience I bring to the market. 

more than 40 years of experience

At the age of 60, I no longer have to mention the fact that I’m a senior consultant. I’m a fast and agile learner but I have a problem with being educated:

  • Started learning on day 1 in June 1960 and I never stopped.
  • Quit school at the age of 16.
  • True autodidact or self-taught.
  • I thank all of my teachers for giving me the basics.

LinkedIn is a great solution to display professional abilities and experience. My profile is up to date. I use LinkedIn as the default place for my resume. There is also an Atos CV but that is used for Atos assignments. Born in 1960 I think that I will have LinkedIn updated until 2030. That is the expected year of retirement but I’m pretty sure that my pension is not the end of my professional life.

Creative Approach

Creativity is my fuel, the spirit that keeps me going.
I have a keen eye on business and my designs are all related to business drivers. I might look intuitive, somewhat playfull but behind that persona there is a lot of methodology.

Common Sense

“Some people struggle with complexity. Wim plays judo with it”.

A great compliment from someone who is no longer with us. 

Plain language

I commit myself to plain language. My ambition is to explain things in a way that my mother would understand it. There is a lot of hot air in this business. Baked Air would be the literal translation from the Dutch.

Please correct me when I cross that line?

Overview of services

Information Management
Information Management
Digital Workplace
Digital Workplace
Demand Assessment
Demand Assessment
Content Creativity
Content Creativity
Design Projects
Design Projects
Project Design
Project Design
My daytime job

When at work I’m a lucky guy. I do challenging work. My job is more than OK and it defines me. In my spare time I’m a real amateur; doing the things I love to do but you cannot hide your personality and talent in the way you perform. During day hours I’m a consultant at Atos.

High Quality design with the beauty of simplicity

My ability to make things will aim at substantive issues (content). Not on the big political or philosophical problems but things like:

  • I have an idea but I do not get to the core. I do not get it on paper.
  • I trying to define myself and my product but I do not get to the core.
  • I want to organize an event but I need a clear plan that takes account of my budget.

There is no one size fits all.

It’s never routine and with over 40 years of experience I see patterns but I don’t believe in a one size fits all. The matter of detail needed is always the outcome of the basic triangle of communications:

  • Message
  • Audience
  • Expression

Customer focus is key and I have to warn my customers that I’m Dutch. That comes with a certain directness but it’s also referred to as my charm. I’m not a pleaser. I get into the ring with passion and most of all I will show you the pitfalls and you safely through the jungle of obstacles

content creativity

Information Management IM, others call it Enterprise Content Management of ECM. The world of unstructured data and how to close the gap with the structured world.

Gifted amateur
I’m a happy man with a challenging professional live full of creativity but there is also the private person who is following his passions.
Amateur; a word that originates in the Latin word amor. Some people use it as a degrading qualification but it’s actually a concept of pride.


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