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Greenfield design

Greenfield or brownfield design and delivery. The ambition is to approach thing greenfield but you always start with a legacy

Sometimes there is no good Dutch word for a strong English expression. We gladly use these words in Dutch sentences, Language is a living thing.

  • Impact is such a word
  • Placeholder, another one
  • Computer. Because the term calculator sounds very clumsy if you’ve just paid 2500 euros for a new laptop.
    Greenfield …
    The latter term “greenfield” is one that I find difficult to leave out of my, for the most part, Dutch texts. Building from scratch, that is what it means. In contrast to the term “brownfield”, which indicates that it is based on an existing situation.

If you knew then, what you know now, considering the availability of all stuff that is available today; would you make the same decisions again?

The core question in every design assignment

Real greenfield construction is rare. This does not relieve people of the possibility of envisioning the ideal. Ultimately, the existing structure will lead to a compromise.

This is a blog by Wim Mulders, 1960, The Netherlands. I’m writing from a 30-year background in process and information design. In my day time, I’m working as an Enterprise Content Management consultant for Atos with more than 10 years of experience in Microsoft/ Office 365 and SharePoint. I write a lot of material over there but on my own site I don’t need to be “diplomatic” and according to company standards. That’s why I use this site. To write my own message, in my own style.

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