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The Pipo equation: What is the root that causes the ass to move and who is the clown that makes it all happen. The Root Cause.
The strenght of a team is determinded by its diversity.

This statement does not apply to a team of shrimp peelers, but if there is a complex design and realization process, it is important to bundle specialists. The result is also that there will be shared interests and everyone finds what he or she is charged with the most important.

The role of the leader must be focused on results and a precondition for achieving those results is “to be inspiring”.

I see a role for myself here at the start of a project. I am not going to lead the actual project because I am first and foremost a designer but I do recognize the need for a balanced team composition and I recognize the people who can play this role.

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This is a blog by Wim Mulders, 1960, The Netherlands. I’m writing from a 30-year background in process and information design. In my day time, I’m working as an Enterprise Content Management consultant for Atos with more than 10 years of experience in Microsoft/ Office 365 and SharePoint. I write a lot of material over there but on my own site I don’t need to be “diplomatic” and according to company standards. That’s why I use this site. To write my own message, in my own style.

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