Information Management

Highly skilled in the domain of unstructured content.

I am a highly experienced information management (IM) or Enterprise Content Management (ECM) consultant, process designer and information systems. My creative qualities and my pioneering nature make me the ideal candidate in the field between stakeholders, users, IT landscape architects, developers and project members. I know how to optimize the capacities of the technically oriented employees.

As a senior consultant, both in age and experience, I see it as my job to inspire and share experience with my team.
In a starting project and in designing plans I am the person who gets things moving. Operation plans, project letters, business cases and process design are my specialty. Optimization, simplification, standardization, sustainability and convergence are the concepts that drive me.

In the past 25 years, I have gained a lot of experience on the regulatory level (industrial standards, laws and regulations, policy or technical aspects) and process design. I have worked in various environments and disciplines, often with a backlog of material knowledge, but it seems to be a pattern that I am complimented with the speed with which I am familiar with sector specific matters.

I am a fast and flexible thinker. I use my job description as a guide and not as a straitjacket. A mentor once described me as follows: “I see many people struggling with complexity but Wim plays Judo with it”.

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