Let me help you in shaping your ideas

Let’s say you have a vague or rudimentary idea but you cannot get any further; then you come to into my comfort zone. It is my greatest talent to start with just the outlines of a direction or an incomplete/ under-defined goal to achieve a concrete plan. I will also put it in motion.

My ability to make things, will aim at substantive issues (content). Not on the big political or philosophical problems but things like:

  • I have an idea but I do not get to the core. I do not get it on paper.
  • I trying to define myself and my product but I do not get to the core.
  • I want to organize an event but I need a clear plan that takes account of my budget.

The metaphor of the gearbox

First gear

Whether I am an finisher, I’m often asked.

Starting and get moving. That is where my strength lies. Show me a finisher who is also good at starting and you are blessed with a Superman. It’s not me, that finisher, but I am strong in 1st and 2nd gear.

What comes next.

  • Determine direction before departure and ensure that all prerequisites are in order.
  • Crerate momentum, shift to second gear and accelerate with maximum power.

Without motion there’s no control.

In the end, your project will become cheaper because it is precisely in the start-up phase and in the naming of frameworks and development space that many things are made manageable, so that later on there is less inclination to wander. But finisher, in the sense of project management, no, I am not. In terms of starting, I am a top player.

Others are good in the higher gears.

I know them, that kind of people and I have already made clear before departure who can play the roles of 3rd, 4th and 5th gear. Everyone has his specialism. Whether it’s about the field in which these people are working or the degree of dynamics that they can provide. Holding a course and turning into cruising speed is also important once the project is in motion.


  • Process and business design,
  • Business cases,
  • Project set up,
  • Demand assessment,
  • Requirements engineering.


I help you get started. We participate. That’s my promise but there comes a time when you or others have to take over control. You’ll be well prepared to take things in your own hand.

A system without a proper maintenance organization is doomed to fail. In case you want to try without one, I must decline the invitation.

But let’s say you need a platform for information management or a web site. Before we start discussing your business cases I will first introduce you in the systems like Office 365/ SharePoint or WordPress. For that purpose we will be using real environments. A 90 day trial on Office 365 or a Sandbox environment in WordPress.

We will use fictitious business situations based on a topic that everyone can comprehend. In that way I will guide you through the fundamentals of the tooling, making you eager to use “out of the box” and easy maintainable (no code) features.